Customer Support

At SolvChem, we are committed to growing as a company focused on Customer Success. Our goal is to build our business from the outside in, understanding our customers’ needs first. Our unique selling proposition is “we listen, then collaborate to deliver customized solutions.”

A Customer-Success Focused Business Model

Here are a few of the ways in which we foster that next level of communication and promote a customer-focused business model:

  • Through research and customer interaction, we seek to understand the needs of our customers’ end customer.
  • Internal Customer Intimacy Approach (“C.I.A.”) awards are given each month to nominated employees who have demonstrated exceptional follow-through and a commitment to going above and beyond a customer’s needs.

Why Work with SolvChem?

SolvChem is dedicated to delivering value that drives customer success. The bottom line is that we are experts in customer service, providing a personalized support service that offers current and potential customers prompt solutions and results to any and all inquiries and issues.