Chlorinated Solvents

Chlorinated solvents are among the more common chemicals you’ll find in industrial and household applications. They are highly versatile and can be blended for a multitude of purposes. At SolvChem, we distribute high-quality chlorinated solvents for a wide range of industrial sectors. Learn more about this popular chemical below, and find out why SolvChem is a trusted partner for so many businesses.

What Are Chlorinated Solvents?

Chlorinated solvents cover a wide range of chemical products comprising chlorine as a main ingredient — including methylene chloride solvents, carbon tetrachloride and more. The chemicals themselves are colorless at room temperature, and they have a greater density than water. The group of chemicals has a long history of use in industries dating back two centuries. At SolvChem, we offer:

  • Methylene Chloride
  • Methanes
  • Ethanes
  • Ethenes

Chlorinated solvents are often divided into three subgroups based on specific chemical structure. These categories include:

At SolvChem, we have a vast understanding of chlorinated solvents and countless other chemicals. When it comes to supplying you with the correct blend, you can trust us to get it right every time.

Sectors That Use Chlorinated Solvents

The range of applications for chlorinated solvents is impressive, and they aren’t limited to industrial use, either. Here are a few of the more common applications for this useful chemical.

  • Cosmetics: This includes makeups, removers and several other household cosmetic products.
  • Cleaners: From degreasers to soaps and solvents, chlorinated solvents are staples in the category of cleaning chemicals.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Medical industries rely on chlorinated solvents for an array of products used every day.
  • Others: The list of applications goes on and on, but to name a few additional uses: dyes, ink, waxes, textiles, plastics, water treatment and much more.

As you can see, chlorinated solvents are incredibly useful, and almost any industrial sector can benefit from a high-quality blend. At SolvChem, we distribute only the best chemical products available. Whatever your application, we can help you make the best decision for your business.

The Challenges of Handling Chlorinated Solvents

As with most industrial chemicals, chlorinated solvents are hazardous and must be handled with extreme care. The risk of chemical exposure through skin contact or inhalation is serious, and it takes a team of experts to get it right.

Everyone from our chemists to our handlers on the ground have a thorough understanding of chemical handling regulations and best practices. We can ensure that every step — from blending to storage and transportation — is as safe as possible.

Why SolvChem Is the Smart Choice for Chlorinated Solvents

We’re known for our attention to detail and commitment to quality. Our end-to-end chemical services give you the flexibility to make smarter decisions. SolvChem partners with your team to understand your chemical needs, as well as any obstacles you may encounter. In short, we eliminate the guesswork of chemical distribution so that you can focus on doing your business.

To learn more about chlorinated solvents, or to find out what we can do for you as a business partner, contact SolvChem today.