From flexibility to moisture resistance, silicones are versatile materials found in many industrial applications. With an impressive list of chemical properties, silicones are found in countless materials.

At SolvChem, we specialize in chemicals and chemical-based materials of all kinds, including silicone rubber, silicone sealants and much more. Learn more about silicones and the benefits of the variety known as silanes below.

What Are Silicones?

The silicone family includes two main categories: siloxanes and silanes. Both are known as high-performance materials and can be found in nearly any industrial. Chemically speaking, silicones are formed by combining silicon with methyl chloride. That reaction, along with follow-up removal of chlorine atoms using water, creates the polymer itself. The resulting properties include exceptional resistance to both heat and cold temperatures. What’s more, the molecular structure of silicones allows them to exist in multiple forms. You’ll find silicones as solids and liquids, as well as rubbers and pastes.

Why are silicones so popular? The appeal of silicones comes down to an impressive list of qualities, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Water resistance
  • Heat and cold resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • UV radiation resistance

In short, products that incorporate silicones (such as silicone adhesives) tend to be stronger, more resistant to wear, longer lasting and visibly appealing.

At SolvChem, our chemists have mastered silicone production. We know the strengths and limitations of every chemical we handle. And we know how to blend the perfect silane for your specific application.

Industrial Uses for Quality Silicones

Virtually every industrial sector uses silicones. In healthcare, for example, the flexibility of silicones makes them ideal for certain types of medical equipment. In transportation and automotive, heat-resistant silicone products are extremely useful. You will also find silicones in such industries as aerospace, electronics, construction and textiles.

Since you have so many options — and because each application can benefit from a different blend — our team works closely with yours to get it right. However you see silicone products fitting into your business plan, SolvChem is your first and last stop.


SolvChem carries the type of silicones known as silanes. In the silicone family, silane is a gas used as a coupling agent in glass fibers, water repellents, masonry and much more. Our team is happy to walk you through the production process behind silanes and further explain how silanes can be used for your purposes.

Why SolvChem Is Your Source for Silicones

In the chemical industry, SolvChem is known for quality. Our teams put a strong emphasis on exceptional blends crafted to unique specifications. We pull it off by relying on years of experience from some of the most highly skilled chemists in the business. And with our tools and resources, we are well-equipped to meet even the most specialized order.

From start to finish, SolvChem is your best bet for silicones. In addition to blending, we also offer comprehensive warehousing and distribution services. To learn more about silicones and how we can partner together, contact SolvChem today.