Aliphatic Naphthas

Across countless sectors, aliphatic naphtha solvents are found in consumer- and industrial-grade products. These chemicals are highly versatile, and a quality blend can make all the difference. At SolvChem, we distribute top-of-the-line chemicals of all kinds, including aliphatic naphtha. Learn more about this useful chemical and what SolvChem can do for you below.

What Are Aliphatic Naphthas?

Aliphatic naphthas are a liquid hydrocarbon mixture. Also known as aliphatic solvent naphthas, the term covers a category of chemicals derived from petroleum distillates and natural gas condensates. These chemicals are clean and flammable by nature, and, as such, can be used for a variety of purposes. The chemical blend can be adjusted for use in any number of specific applications.

The aliphatic naphtha products we carry include the following:

  • 142 solvent
  • Deodorized kerosene
  • Heptane
  • Hexane
  • K-1 kerosene
  • Lacquer diluent
  • Mineral seal oil
  • Mineral spirits – regular
  • Mineral spirits — Rule 66
  • Odorless mineral spirits
  • Rubber solvent
  • V. M. & P. naphtha

As a leader in customized chemicals and full blending services, SolvChem puts a strong emphasis on quality. We know naphtha solvents inside and out and can work with your team to ensure you get the exact chemical blend you need for your purposes.

Naphtha Uses

From fuels to solvents, naphtha blends are used in an impressive range of industrial chemical applications. One of the primary uses is as a fuel; it is clean burning and puts out a good amount of energy. For that reason, you’ll find naphtha solvents in consumer products such as camping fuels and torches to lighting and power for industrial applications. Because naphthas have a relatively low evaporation rate, it’s also a useful solvent for diluting paints and other substances. Naphthas can also be used for insecticides, polymers, coatings and much more.

At SolvChem, we have a solid understanding of how our customers use our products. We know what works and what doesn’t, whatever your application.

Logistical Challenges Around Aliphatic Naphtha

As are most flammable chemicals, aliphatic naphtha is regarded as hazardous. It must be handled with extreme care and only by trained professionals. Chemical handling is tricky business — when you account for the effort put into blending, moving, storing and transporting chemicals. Not only is there a risk to the people involved, but improper handling can also damage the chemical itself or other property.

No one knows chemical safety better than SolvChem. From start to finish, our chemical handlers take extreme care to ensure all products and individuals are safe.

Why Should SolvChem Be My Distributor for Aliphatic Naphtha?

When dealing with chemicals, you want a team that knows what it’s doing. Not only should you demand rigorous safety procedures, but you should never settle for anything short of top quality. SolvChem can do all of that and more. We work closely with our business partners to ensure they get the exact blend they need in a timely and safe manner. To learn more about aliphatic naphtha and the services offered by SolvChem, contact us today.