Part of innovation in any industry is improving on existing materials. Plasticizers are among the most popular chemicals used in enhancing the performance of raw materials and products. With the right blend of plasticizers, the possibilities are endless. At SolvChem, we bring you the highest-quality chemicals available.

Learn more about how you might benefit from quality plasticizers below, and find out why SolvChem is a leading industrial chemical distributor.

What Are Plasticizers?

Derived from such chemicals as epoxidized soybean oil, plasticizers are a group of chemicals that have the unique property of increasing material flexibility. The concept behind plasticizers dates back centuries — think water and oil as means for softening building materials like clay. Modern plasticizers share those properties and are primarily colorless and odorless.

Since the start of the industrial age, dozens of substances have been added to the list of commercial plasticizers. Customization using alcohols and acids has led to the production of plasticizers that vary by permanence and performance. The list of options continues to grow as new plasticizer substances are developed.

We distribute the following options of plasticizers:

  • Dioctyl pthalate
  • Epoxidized soybean oil

SolvChem is home to the most skilled and dedicated chemists in business. We’re experts at creating just the right blend, and we put a strong emphasis on product quality.

Plasticizers As a Boon to Every Industry

Plasticizers are incredibly useful in sectors across the board. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a manufacturing industry that doesn’t use plasticizers in some form or fashion. Among the more common industrial applications are the manufacturing of PVC materials, large-scale construction and the automotive sectors. As the name suggests, plasticizers are used to create and enhance plastics. You will find plasticizers at any plant that manufacturers use for tubing, flooring, seals, wires, cables and much more.

SolvChem has been in the chemicals industry for a long time, and we know the blends that are best-suited for virtually any application. Our team of skilled professionals is happy to discuss your plasticizer needs and point you in the right direction.

Why SolvChem Is a Leading Distributor of Industrial Plasticizers

At SolvChem, we go beyond blending and distributing high-quality chemicals. While we’re known for our attention to quality and ability to customize blends for our customers, we take our services to the next level. When you do business with SolvChem, you are partnering with the most skilled chemists and seasoned customer service professionals in the business. We specialize in turn-key services that allow our customers to focus on their business without worrying about their chemical supplies.

Our warehousing options ensure that your chemicals are safely stored and available to you when you need them, and our distribution channels are comprehensive. With more shipping and storing options, you can make economical decisions — such as bulk purchasing — that save you time and energy over the long term.

Contact our team today to learn more about the benefits of high-quality plasticizers and to find out what SolvChem can do for you.